Flash Fiction Challenge!

Alright, its Flash Fiction Time! For those of you who haven’t the faintest idea of what I’m talking about: Flash Fiction is a pretty awesome way to keep writers of every degree on his or her little piggies. You basically get assigned a topic, at random, ┬áin which to write a short story, usually consisting of around a 1000 words. Then you start typing. and watching your magic unfold. It always amazes me to see the direction you go with your topic, the story truly blossoms.

Okay, so, I get my Flash Fiction Challenges from Chuck Wendig, at Terribleminds. Picking from a list of 20 random sub-genres, I randomly selected to write a Fairy tale involving an alien invasion. I do have to admit that I’m pretty excited about seeing how this story unfolds. If you guys would like to take a stab at the challenge , check out the post here:

Flash Fiction Challenge: The Subgenre Smash-and-Grab

Don’t forget to link back your finished product, sharing is caring! Happy Writing…